Suffered Injury at the Dentist?

If you believe you have suffered injury at the dentist due to negligent treatment you may be entitled to compensation.  Contact Simply Lawyers today on 0800 012 5880 to speak to one of our Specialist Dental Negligence Solicitors.

When attending the dentist you do so placing your trust in their ability to treat your condition in a fashion that is correct and without fault.  Whilst most of the time your trust is well placed it is on occasion that errors occur and your Dentist makes a mistake that injures you or causes you distress.  If this is the case you could be entitled to Dental Negligence Compensation.

Whilst treating patients all Dentists have a duty of care towards them to ensure that they undertake the treatment they are providing to the standards of a reasonable Dental Practitioner.  The standards are very high and if you fee that you have been mistreated at the dentist you may wish to use a dental negligence solicitors to assist you in establishing whether there was negligence and if you are entitled to compensation.  All of our Dental Negligence Solicitors work on a No Win No Fee Basis.  They can assist you receive the compensation you receive and also corrective procedures on a private basis.

Whether your treatment was private or through the NHS our dental negligence solicitors can help.  Here are some of the areas we can assist with:

  • Poor Treatment Generally
  • Periodontits or Periodontal Diseasei
  • Failed or Incorrectly Fitted Bridges and Crowns
  • Failed or Negligently Placed Implants
  • Wrong Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Fractures Due to Dental Treatment
  • Negligent Orthodontic Treatment
  • Negligent Root Canal Treatment
  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis
  • Failed or Negligent Oral Surgery Cosmetic/Clinical

Our Specialist Dental Negligence Solicitors will be able to establish both whether you are entitled to compensation and also future dental treatment on a private basis. If you feel that your treatment was not to the standard you were expecting contact us today.

Our Dental Negligence Team can be contacted by calling 0800 012 5880 or by texting “Simply” to 07883504919.  Alternatively complete the form to the left of this page and one of our Dental Negligence Solicitors will call you back.