Medical Negligence Claims

Your guide to claiming compensation for medical negligence

Whilst medical negligence occurs relatively infrequently, mistakes can be made by medical professionals. We don’t like to think of things going wrong when it comes to people’s health, and thankfully cases of suffering due to medical negligence are relatively rare. But unfortunately they do occur from time to time and if you are personally affected it can be a very difficult – and at times traumatic – experience. It is quite clear to see why in some cases compensation for this suffering and inconvenience are required, but it can feel as if you are powerless to do anything as an individual against a huge organisation such as the NHS. Thankfully, the Simply Lawyers team of specialist medical negligence solicitors are experts in the field and can help you to recover the compensation you may be entitled to as a result of your experiences.

Medical negligence is a term which can refer to a whole host of different situations. Every case is different, but often it can be hard to define negligence in the strictest sense of the word. Negligence in the broadest sense means without due care and attention, but when it comes to the medical profession it can be very hard to define exactly where the boundaries lie. For this reason, medical negligence claims can be very complicated and as such require specialist solicitors to ensure that they are identified correctly and dealt with accordingly.

Medical negligence claims can also be referred to as clinical negligence claims. Often these claims are brought against the NHS, but they can be brought against any private hospital or organisation carrying out any kind of medical procedure. This also includes cases where private procedures, such as plastic surgery, have been carried out incorrectly or caused problems after the event as a result of lack of care and attention on the part of those administering the treatment. Whether the claim is brought against a private hospital or the NHS you may still be entitled to compensation for the suffering caused to you as a result of any medical procedure.

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