NHS Clinical & Medical Negligence Claims

The NHS treats millions of people every year providing safe and effective care, usually without incident. However sometimes things can go wrong, especially in an organisation as large as the National Health Service.

If you or someone close to you has experienced medical or clinical negligence whilst being treated within the NHS then we are here to help. Our team of specially accredited and fully experienced lawyers can help guide you through every step of making a claim against the NHS. We understand the distress, pain or discomfort which you may have experienced and will be sympathetic to your claim.

The process begins with a free review of your situation to assess whether you have a claim against the NHS, then our team can assist you in making your initial complaint and guide you through the resulting claim process.

What can I claim against the NHS for?

Clinical negligence claims against the NHS can arise as a result of childbirth, surgery, medication, medical misconduct, delays to treat or diagnose a condition and failure to obtain the patient’s consent. Claims can be made due to the actions of an NHS surgeon, GP, nurse, dentist or pharmacist.

How to claim against the NHS

Even if you feel that an individual NHS employee such as doctor nurse or consultant has been negligent, the NHS as their employer is ultimately responsible and therefore legally liable. If it can be proven that there has been a sufficient breach of duty by NHS healthcare professionals resulting in damage then you may be awarded compensation by a court.

The first step is to make a formal complaint against the NHS Trust which provided the treatment under their complaints procedure. However making a complaint will not provide compensation so to make a clinical or medical negligence claim it advisable to enlist the help of a specialist lawyer.

Ready to Claim?

It can seem intimidating to embark upon a claim against an organisation as large as the NHS but our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will help prepare and handle your case on your behalf and will ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation awarded to you. Call us now on 0800 012 5880.